Kamis, 20 September 2012

Slender Download Mini Game

Slender Download Mini Game | 58 MB

Slender is horror game. You start in a dark wooded area with no weapons, a sense that something horrible is about to happen, and a nagging feeling that you can’t do much to prevent it. Such is the beginning of Slender, a free horror game you can play right now.

Based on the Slender Man mythology popularized through a Something Awful thread, and further spread through forum chatter, YouTube videos and even Minecraft, the game’s tall, unrelenting creature pursues you through the inky black of a fenced-in forest. Slender doesn’t bother telling you why you’re there or if it’s possible to escape. You’re given a standard video game goal – find eight pages – but the terror unlocked by discovering and collecting the pages obliterates the task’s comforting familiarity.

How To Download: 
 1. Click on the download links 
 2. Click adf.ly Links -> Wait 5 Sec -> Click [SkipAd] 

 Password : minigames


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