Senin, 10 September 2012

Pc Game : Bomberic 2

Bomberic 2
Pc Game : Bomberic 2 | 32.22 MB

Bomberic 2 is action game. Game Bomberic 2 continues traditions of such games as "Bomberman" and "Fox Jones". In this game your hero is fearless young researcher named Bomberic. Game Action occurs in labyrinths of various complexity. You should fulfill various tasks during the game: find keys, blowing up walls and chests, you should fight against hordes of malicious creations, destroy huge mushrooms-parasites and other tasks. Within the walls of a labyrinth a lot of treasures are hidden. When you have collected the certain quantity of gold, you will receive one of the additional bomb sets. You also will find bonuses in a labyrinth, which will give you additional abilities.

How To Download:
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