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Tough Trucks: Modified Monsters

Tough Trucks: Modified Monsters

Tough Trucks: Modified Monsters | 266 MB

Finnish developer Bugbear Entertainment roars back onto the PC following 2002's U.S. release of Rally Trophy with Tough Trucks: Modified Monsters, a mixture of dirt track racing with overtones of demolition derby mayhem. This budget-minded title from Activision Value Publishing gets its name by offering a selection of six unique stock pickup truck models at the showroom, then allowing players to modify their vehilces in preparation for competition at 16 dirt tracks filled with obstacles, challenges, and other trucks.

Engine, gearbox, suspension, tires, and bodywork can be modified in the workshop, with customized paint and decal applications available as well. The racing screen displays lap times, position, lap information, tachometer, speedometer, track maps, and the amount of Nitro remaining for super boosts. Players begin as an amateur at the bottom of the race calendar and must finish third or higher in races to unlock new events and bonus levels. Money earned in each race funds the modifications as players advance through the multi-tiered race calendar. 

* Choose from six unique stock 4x4 pickup models 
* Race on 16 dirt tracks with hills, bumps, turns, water, and intersections 
* Realistic body damage and clutch burn outs

How To Download
 1. Click on the download links 
 2. Click adfoc.us Links -> Wait Sec -> Click [Skip] 
 Password : minigames


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