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Project Zomboid v0.2.0e Full

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid v0.2.0e Full | 69 MB

Description: Project Zomboid a Zombie Survival RPG. You're trapped in a quarantined city with a million zombies. There is no escape. There is no cure. The end is coming, so get used to it.

Global changes: increased card, improved graphics and a lighting system, added new music tracks.

Features: • A huge city with neighborhoods to rob, kill and explore. 
• Completely open sendboks - the main task to survive, and we regret to inform you ... in the end you still die. 
• You can get infected. How will you spend your last hours? Die in a heroic act, or will devour the entrails of his best friend. 
• Meet with other survivors. Trade, take to the party, take or kill tasks for resources. 
• steal, obtain, and build everything you need to survive, whether it be food, drugs, weapons and even a drink to pass the night in this hell. 
• The developed system allows the craft to create weapons, traps, barricades, and a lot of differences that will help you survive. 
• The development of character. Learn the skills to get perks. • Hunger, sickness, loneliness, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide, madness, questions of trust. • survive with their friends in the cooperative. 
• The world is changing over time, power cuts off, plunging the city into darkness, making batteries and canned food base for survival. The Army conducts sweep of the city from becoming infected. 
• And other chips appear over time. 

Important: when you first start the game asks for a login and password, just click "Log in" and play. 

List of changes: v0.2.0e
- NPC now prefer breaking the door windows. 
- NPCs will no longer run when tired 
- NPC now a little braver 
- If you select an object and click on the NPC, we will give it to him (or one packet) 
- Changed the endurance - NPCs can now stop a bite 
- Fixed collision module, due to a bug with a ladder 
- Now the zombie spawn point on the edges of the map 
- Much less a zombie at the beginning. More zombies are appearing every day. You may need balancing.
How To Download
1. Click on the download links 
2. Click Links -> Wait Sec -> Click [Skip] 

Password : minigames


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