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Jewel Time Deluxe Final Full

Jewel Time Deluxe

Jewel Time Deluxe Final Full | 32 MB

Jewel Time Deluxe is packed full of gem swapping match 3 games plus loads of new twist and turns to keep you entertained for hours! Offering new gameplay modes for increased enjoyment & longevity, Jewel Time Deluxe offers casual gamers a new match 3 experience.

Features include:
Six different game modes for hours of addictive play.
All new Isolation & Gravity Twist modes giving you more ways to play than ever before.
Play your way in Free Play mode or pit yourself against the clock in Time Attack!
Earn extra points when you create power jewels
Infinite replayability with multiple levels of difficulty & unlimited levels of play

In Isolation vortexes will be on your gameplay board and you must avoid getting 3 in a row. The higher the level the more vortexes will appear on your board, meaning the player must not only try to match up normal jewels for points, they must avoid the vortexes in order to progress. Not as easy as it sounds!

In Gravity Twist the direction which the jewels enter the board will change throughout, instead of always coming in from the top once a match is completed. This means the player will have to change their tactics at the drop of a hat when the gravity twists!

MULTI-LANGUAGE: Game is available in French, English, Spanish and German!
(see info on how to change languages)

System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7
1.8 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
70 MB free disk space
DirectX 9.0c
256 MB video RAM

Jewel Time Deluxe Final

How To Download: 
 1. Click on the download links 
 2. Click adfoc.us Links -> Wait Sec -> Click [Skip] 

 Password : minigames


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