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Pc Game: Syder Arcade v1.02

Syder Arcade

Pc Game: Syder Arcade v1.02 | 298 MB

Syder Arcade is a side scroller shoot ‘em up set in a future not far away: the player is called to choose his spaceship and defend the human colony of Miza from an alien threat. Stunning 3D graphics and an electronic soundtrack carry the gamer into six different story levels, through the adventure for saving his planet. The quest can be played in four difficulty levels, trying all the different vintage mods inspired by the arcade gaming era.

This game is our love letter to early 90’ shoot ‘em ups for Amiga and PC.
We wanted to bring back the challenge and the beauty of old the school classics we loved as kids and mix them with some modern tricks to create a new experience.
At Studio Evil we were avid gamers before becoming game developers. Syder Arcade is our first commercial game and we wanted to create a title that we would love to play in the first place.
A real challenge for the player, and a feast for the eyes.
We wanted to start from the very roots of gaming, and we started with shoot em’ ups.
We carefully examined both old school classics and modern bullet hell games trying to find a mixed formula that could bring back that old school vibe, and at the same time bring some new style of challenge.
Waste no more time Player One, chose your Starfighter and prepare to smash your keyboard!

Stunning 3D realtime graphics
6 ultra challenging campaing levels
1 survival mode level
3 different starships with different weapons
Online High Scores
4 Difficulty levels, from easy to impossible!
Huge capital ships!
20 different retro graphic flavours. C64, ZX Spectrum, Amiga HAM and many others!

Syder Arcade v1.02

How To Download: 
 1. Click on the download links 
 2. Click Links -> Wait Sec -> Click [Skip] 

 Password : minigames

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